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BAck to the BAsics Challenge

BAck to the BAsics Challenge

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Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out which nutrition + training protocols will lead you to your ideal level of health? Whether you're a seasoned athlete that feels burnt out or an individual just starting out, sometimes the easiest way to see progress and light up motivation is by going BAck to the BAsics!

This 6-week challenge runs August 5th - September 16th. 

BASIC - $150

Nutrition + Training Evaluation call with a BA coach to provide custom training/marco/calorie/cardio prescriptions/advice

Free copy of ‘The Fundamentals of Tracking + Macros’ eBook

Invite to 6 BA education calls (1x/week) 

Access to BA team FB

Access to BA challenge group chat for community support

1 midpoint check in + 1 final check in

*Basic tier does not include weekly check ins with coach*

STANDARD - $350 *recommended for best progress*

Basic tier benefits, PLUS:

Get paired with a coach who will oversee your progress

Weekly email check-ins to make adjustments to your prescriptions/protocols if needed

Access to communication with coach on check-in days only

Added accountability + support from a professional 

PREMIUM - $450

Standard tier benefits, PLUS:

Weekly check-ins done via phone call or FaceTime video or Google Meet

24/7 email access to coach communication


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