Meet Coach Lauren Bair!

Since 2016, Lauren has guided hundreds of women through their health and fitness journeys at Bair Aesthetics. She blends her knowledge as a Registered Nurse with her expertise in fitness and nutrition, along with genuine care in her coaching. This allows her to work with a diverse range of clients, from those prepping for competitions to individuals simply wanting to improve their lifestyle. She supports women in all phases of life, including healthcare professionals, those going through pregnancy and postpartum, and music festival goers.

Lauren's coaching philosophy goes beyond the physical aspects of transformation. She believes in nurturing the mind, body, and spirit together, offering a holistic approach to help her clients find balance and achieve their best results. Her protocols ensure that every client receives a personalized experience, focused on achieving sustainable outcomes.

Outside of coaching, Lauren's world is filled with love and adventure. She's the proud mom of her daughter, Brinley, and fur babies Athena and Aries. As Wifey Bair to Mr. No BS, Just Science himself, Dylan Bair, life at home is lively and full of joy. 

Lauren's life doesn't stop there! She loves to attend music festivals, travel, and explore new places. It’s something she considers another form of education and personal growth. As an IFBB Fitness Pro who is passionate about lifting and staying fit, she genuinely lives a balanced lifestyle. 

Lauren values deep connections with others. Getting to truly know and understand people is at the heart of her personal and professional values. Whether it’s through a meaningful conversation or shared experience, she appreciates every opportunity to connect with those around her.