BAck to the BAsics Challenge

Aug 5 - Sept 16

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, just starting your health + fitness journey, or anywhere in between, this challenge gives you the direction and support you need to light up motivation when it comes to putting your health first!

Over the years, we’ve coached THOUSANDS of individuals and mastered a method that can be applied no matter your goal. We call it the No Bullsh*t, Just Science approach. 

Not only will this challenge cover the No BS basics of nutrition and fitness, but also give you access to a community of individuals who will rally around you. With all the overwhelming information and opinions that circulate the health + wellness industry, sometimes going BAck to the BAsics is all you need to see real, sustainable change. 

Unlike your typical ‘weight loss’ challenges, your progress is measured by the physical AND emotional transformation. At the end of the six weeks, our team will pick 10 finalists who excelled in both categories. From there our BA community will vote 2 winners!


1 Male + 1 Female will each win:

  • $1,000 Cash
  • $250 Icon Meals Gift Card
  • $100 BA Shop Gift Card
  • Ninja Creami



  • Nutrition + Training Evaluation call with a BA coach to provide custom training/marco/calorie/cardio prescriptions/advice
  • Free copy of ‘The Fundamentals of Tracking + Macros’ eBook
  • Invite to 6 BA education calls (1x/week) 
  • Access to BA team FB
  • Access to BA challenge group chat for community support
  • 1 midpoint check in + 1 final check in

*Basic tier does not include weekly check ins with coach*


  • Basic tier benefits, PLUS:
  • Get paired with a coach who will oversee your progress
  • Weekly email check-ins to make adjustments to your prescriptions/protocols if needed
  • Access to communication with coach on check-in days only
  • Added accountability + support from a professional 

*Recommended for best progress


  • Basic + Standard tier benefits, PLUS:
  • Weekly check-ins done via phone call or FaceTime video or Google Meet
  • 24/7 email access to coach communication

Upon registration, you will receive a questionnaire so we can pair you with a coach and complete your Nutrition + Training Evaluation call, alongside free resources to kickstart your journey. Be on the lookout for weekly invitations to our LIVE BA Education Sessions where you’ll be able to chat in real time with our coaches.

*These calls will be recorded and sent out to participants after. 

  • Basics of Macronutrients

  • Training - What’s The “Best” Workout For You?

  • Staying Fit While Traveling

  • Our Top Recommendations For Anyone Tracking

  • Fad Diets

  • Evidence-Based Science vs. Bro Science

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