Meet Coach Megan D'Ginto!

With a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and time spent learning from top sports nutritionists at OSU, Megan brings a solid and practical approach to fitness and nutrition coaching. Currently working on her J3U certification and already an active IFBB Bikini Pro, Megan’s credentials speak volumes about her commitment to the industry and her journey as a natural athlete.

Megan prides herself on being a versatile coach who has guided clients through a variety of goals. From stepping on the stage for the first time to leveling up for more competitive leagues, and from healing relationships with food to mastering a balanced lifestyle, Megan approaches each client's journey with a tailored strategy. Her competitive coaching experience spans across multiple federations, including NPC, OCB, NANBF, CPA, and NFF, showcasing her ability to adapt and succeed in numerous contexts.

But Megan's life isn't all about coaching and competing. She loves the sun and finds happiness in being outdoors, immersed in a good book, or spending quality time with the loves of her life—her cats. Megan has a special place in her heart for EDM, and you can often find her attending raves and shows, feeding her soul with music and dancing.

At her core, Megan believes in living a life that's as balanced and enriched outside the gym as it is inside it. She is passionate about helping her clients discover this balance, making sustainable health and happiness achievable. Her approach is not just about physical transformation but also enjoying life, with all its adventures and opportunities for growth.