Do you have an upcoming music festival that you want to look and feel your best for?

Let our team of dietitians and nutrition experts help you get festival ready; the safest and healthiest way possible!

A brand new, specialized service!

We are excited to offer this for you at Bair Aesthetics!

Music festivals and concerts are in full swing, so let our team of nutrition & headbanging experts help YOU get those rave shreds you've always wanted and join our BA rave fam today!! #BAraveprep 


What's Included?

Personalized Protocols

  • Diet
  • Supplementation
  • Cardio
  • Training

8 Weeks Minimum

We want to give the process plenty of time to bring you in your best shape possible!

Eating At Festivals

Tips & tricks for eating while travelling & partying!

Insight On Raves

Get in touch & attend shows with other BA ravers!

Science Based Dieting Strategies

With a goal of optimizing hormonal, metabolic and physical progression.

Weekly Personalized Video Updates

We want to ensure you get the attention and adjustments you need with full clarity!

24/7 Access To Your Coach

We provide the ultimate communication so you don't skip a beat!

Comprehensive Data Sheet

We will use this to track your progress and optimize your results!

Private Team Facebook Page

Engage and ask questions with the rest of the team!

Monthly Team Zoom Meetings

Connect with other team members, ask questions, and share your successes!

Loving Support From The BA Rave Fam

No matter where you're located in the world!

Rave Apparel Coming Soon....

Ready To Rave!

Erica is looking incredibly and has made major improvements with our Rave Coaching plan!

We know how difficult it can be to say healthy and focused during a festival season, but Erica is doing an amazing job and has many festivals ahead of her!

We're thrilled to have been part of her journey, and can't wait to see what the future holds for her.