Zoey Panzarino



Bachelors of Science

  • What do you love most about coaching with BA?

    What I love most about coaching is helping my clients recognize their full potential and working towards achieving their highest self. I love that everyone has their own unique journey which requires building a unique approach just for them!!

    I also love the incredible relationships and tight knit community we’ve all developed here. This fam runs way deeper than just nutrition and training!

  • What's your favorite food or go-to meal post show?

    Favorite food or go-to meal post show: Hands down my favorite post show meal is sushi and cookies!

  • What are some fun facts about you?

    I competed and placed in my first and only USAPL powerlifting meet in 2017. Prior to earning my IFBB pro card in 2018, I earned pro status in the NGA in 2017.

    I grew up as a competitive swimmer up until college (Go UCF knights!). I’m a HUGE foodie!! I love to read menus and review food products for fun